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Plant Nutrition and Deficiencies


Copper is capable of acting as electron carriers in enzyme system, which brings about oxidationreduction in plants. It is an essential constituent of enzymes.


It is a constituent of chlorophyll and thus is important for synthesis of chlorophyll.

It acts as a catalyst in respiration (electron transport chain) and in utilization of Iron.

It is essential for the synthesis of Vitamin A.

Deficiency Symptoms

It is induced by heavy liming and excessive application of Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

Copper deficiency causes chlorosis, withering and distortion of terminal leaves (white tip in Wheat).

Multiple bud formation in the leaf axial and malformation of leaves is a common symptom.

Gum pockets under the bark and “Die back” of shoots in citrus are prominent symptoms of Cu deficiency.

The young leaves of cruciferous crops develop interveinal chlorosis, mottling and marginal scorching.


Apply Copper Sulphate @ 3 - 5 kg /acre before planting.

Spray Copper Sulphate @ 2 - 3 gm/ltr twice at an interval of 15 days to prevent losses due to Copper deficiency.

Spray multi micronutrient mixture (powder/ liquid formulations) containing the Copper at recommended dose and intervals.