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Plant Nutrition and Deficiencies


Iron is necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll. But it is not a constituent of chlorophyll. Apple, Banana, Tomato, Onion, and Carrot contain high percentage of Iron. Iron is absorbed by plants as Ferrous ion.


Iron takes part in the synthesis of chlorophyll and imparts dark green colour to plants.

It is essential for the synthesis of proteins contained in chloroplast.

It has a catalytic role in the activities of several enzymes and regulates respiration, photosynthesis and reduction of Nitrates and Sulphates.

It also plays an important role in formation and activity of a series of respiratory enzymes.

Deficiency Symptoms

Chlorosis of young leaves with the veins remaining green.

Leaves become pale white due to loss of chlorophyll.

Under severe deficiency, leaves become dry and papery and may later turn brown and necrotic

Complete leaf fall may occur and shoots can also die.

Deficiency of Iron produces chlorosis in Paddy, Ginger, Beans and mottle leaf and chlorosis of young leaves in Sugarcane.


Apply Ferrous Sulphate @ 10 - 15 kg / acre before planting.

Spray Iron in the form of Ferrous Sulphate @ 2-3 gm/ltr. or Fe-EDTA @ 0.5 gm/ltr., two to three times at the interval of 15 days.

Spray micronutreint mixture (powder/ liquid formulations) containing Iron at recommended dose and intervals.