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Plant Nutrition and Deficiencies


Manganese is an essential constituent of chlorophyll and also for formation of oils and fats. It is an important factor in photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism and respiration. It influences the uptake and utilization of other nutrients.


It helps in the synthesis of chlorophyll.

It acts as catalyst in oxidation-reduction reactions.

It helps in the protein synthesis in chloroplast.

It also supports the movement of Iron in plants.

Deficiency Symptoms

Manganese deficiency symptoms are first visible in younger leaves.

Newer leaves first become pale green and then turn pale yellow.

It leads to interveinal chlorosis and netveined leaves.

Plants like Banana with leaves that have parallel veins develop a general chlorotic condition.


Apply Manganese Sulphate @ 10 -15 kg / acre to avoid deficiency.

Spray of Manganese Sulphate @ 2.5 gm/ltr 3 - 4 times at the intervals of 15 days to overcome the deficiency