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3. Soil Water and Air

  • Soil water that is also called Soil Solution, is the dilute solution containing small amounts of every soluble compound present in the soils.
  • Soil water promotes physical and biological activities of soil, acts as solvent and carrier of nutrients and maintains turgidity of plants.
  • Soil water transports nutrients to the root, to the soil surface or subsoil depending on the direction of water flow.
  • Soil air is essential for most of the biological reactions in the soil.
  • Soil air has about ten times more carbon dioxide than atmospheric air, due to respiration by roots and soil microorganisms.
  • Soil air is the pathway for intake of oxygen that is absorbed by soil microorganisms and plant roots and for escape of Carbon dioxide produced by the plants.
  • This process called soil aeration is critical for plant growth when water content is high and water replaces soil air.