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4. Laterite soils (Oxisols)

  • Laterite soils are mostly the end products of weathering, formed under high temperatures and high rainfall with alternate wet and dry periods.
  • Laterite soils are red in color due to little clay and more gravel of red sand-stones.
  • Lime and Silica are leached away in heavy rainfall, but the soil is rich in oxides of Iron and Aluminium compounds.
  • They are very poor in lime, Magnesium, Potash and Nitrogen.
  • Sometimes, the Phosphate content may be high in the form of Iron Phosphate.
  • Laterite soils lack fertility due to intensive leaching.
  • When manured and irrigated, some laterites are suitable for growing plantation crops like Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cinchona, Coconut, Arecanut, etc.